"How To Sell An Igloo In The Outback!"

The Tightly Kept Marketing Secrets Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Are you a small or medium business owner that needs help in marketing your business to your ideal customer or client? Ideal customer or client means someone that wants, needs and can afford your product or service. Which is exactly the opposite of who 90+% of businesses advertise their business to. Why?

Because they don't know how to market their business effectively so they do what everyone else does.

And that results in poor sales, low or no profits and high stress, the same as all the other business owners who follow the herd. Small and medium business can't afford to waste precious money on big branding style of marketing that isn't targeted to a specific group or niche. Don't be mislead by advertising salesmen who will give you all the stats of who will see your advertisement. If those people don't want or can't afford what you are selling, you lose.

You have to be smart about where and how you market your business. After all the buck stops with you! You are the one who has taken all the risk, put your money, mortgage and family on the line.

Not your staff or the advertisement rep, only you.

Here is your chance to learn marketing that will grow your business. Effective low cost marketing strategies and tactics any business can use.


  • How Any Business Can Grow and Prosper, Create Massive Cash Flow and Profits and Dictate Their Own Economy, So You Never Have To Stress Over Where The Next Dollar Is Coming From.
  • Who You Should Be Targeting Your Message To, Identifying Only Those That Can Afford And Want What You are Selling.
  • How To Be The Number One And Only Choice In Your Industry, Allowing You To Increase Your Prices Above Your Competitors And Leave Them Wondering What Just Happened.
  • How To Make Your Prospective Customers Qualify Themselves And Seek You Out, So You Don't Waste Time With People That Can't Afford You.
  • The One Tactic Every Business Should Employ For Cash flow Peace Of Mind, This Is So Obvious You Will Kick Yourself For Not Already Doing It.
  • How To Build Your Business Using Other Businesses Customers, And Create Money Making Relationships.
  • The Correct, Non Threatening Or Salesy Way To Ask For The Sale, Teach Your Staff This Technique And Watch The Sales Go Through The Roof!
  • How To Generate More Sales More Often From Your Current Customers, If Every Customer Referred One Person You Would Double Your Business. What If They Referred Five.
  • Ask Them What They Want You To Sell Them, Then Sell It To Them For Easy Money.
  • How To Become The Expert, And Charge Accordingly.
  • The Number One Way To Get Publicity For Free, Hint: The Headline For My Book.
  • Where The Goldmine Is In Your Business, Build It And Nurture It Like A Money Tree.
  • How To Have Multiple Marketing Campaigns Running And Not Get Overwhelmed, Learn The Secrets To Planning 12 Months Ahead Effectively And Staying On Course.

    Plus so much more.

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Ok, so you have read this far and haven't clicked on the button to get your copy of this marketing book which I guarantee will change your business. So this tells me two things.

       1. I haven't convinced you yet that this is worth you investing $19.95 plus $7 p+h, in your business, so I need to give you more information to make an educated choice.
       2. You really want to buy an igloo from me, for which I am thankful because it shows you that the marketing I have done to promote this book, which brought you to this website, works. And it will work for you if you invest in this book and put into practice all the marketing strategies and tactics I describe.

        This book not only gives you multiple low cost and even no cost ways to market your business, to grow and make more money then you ever have before, but it also explains how to do it. Unlike most books on marketing where you get a couple of good ideas, every chapter in this book will multiply your current income. And that's a guarantee.

        It isn't written by someone that hasn't done the hard yards. I have been self employed since 2003. In one of the most competitive industries. Personal Training. It's tough to not only survive but succeed in an industry that is overflowing with experts and gurus, cheap gyms and online courses, books, magazines and workout DVD's. You need more than to be a great trainer, you need to be a great marketer. And that goes for you too. You may be the best at what you do in Australia, but if you don't know how to effectively market yourself or your business, who will ever know?

         If you want to discover how to have a successful business, that gives you the income and lifestyle you want, that allows you to raise your prices without fear, that will attract your ideal customer or client to you rather then you chasing them, THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE FREEDOM TO DO WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT, then click the button, buy the book and invest a meesly $19.95 into your business future and your bank account.